How To Set Up Your Email Account In Apple Mail

All our Web Hosting Plans come with a fully featured Email Service. Depending on the web hosting plan you select, you will be able to add anything from 5 Individual Email Accounts all the way up to Unlimited Email accounts.

Each email address you configure will be, where yourchoice is anything you want and your is your domain name. This allows you to have a very professional look when communicating with your customers which goes towards reinforcing your brand and identity. We also include an easy to use yet powerful webmail system, that gives you access to your emails via a web browser. This lets you access your emails from anywhere in the world with internet access.

Our Email system is compatible with all modern Email Clients (the software you use on your computer to read and write emails) as well as mobile devices like the iPhone and other popular handsets.

The screencast above walks you through the process of setting up your email accounts in Apple Mail and highlights a couple of the problems that people encounter when setting up their email accounts in software like Apple Mail. The most common problem being the need to type when by creatures of habit we like to type

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