How To Order Web Hosting For Use With An External Domain

If you are moving your Web Hosting from a different service provider ( your current Web Host ), chances are you may have a Domain Name registered through them and associated with the Web Hosting you had with them. Perhaps you have been planning your website for quite some time and you previously registered your Domain Name/s with another registrar to keep them safe. Or, any other list of scenarios that mean you have a Domain Name somewhere that you want to use with New Web Hosting.

This Is quite common place, and whilst we do offer you the option of transferring your Domain Name/s into your account here at Rediweb Hosting, allowing you to keep track of everything from just one place, it’s not a requirement – just a service.

The Screencast walks you through the process of ordering Web Hosting for use with an ‘external’ domain, so that you know exactly what you need to do to get it right. Once your hosting has been purchased, you will receive an email from us with all your Web Hosting details including all the necessary FTP details that allow you to upload your website. The next step is to change the ‘nameservers’ of the domain that you have selected to use with your web hosting. You need to change the nameservers to:


You will also receive a special URL along with your Web Hosting details that will allow you to view your website whilst waiting for your Domain Name to be assigned to your new web hosting. This time period varies but is typically 24 – 48 hours. You can read more about waiting for DNS to update here.

Our Web Hosting Plans do include additional features such as Automatic FTP Locking, so please remember to unlock your web hosting before you upload your website, as you will receive an error message from your software informing you the publishing has not been possible.

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