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How To Transfer A Domain Name To A New Web Host

So you have a domain name registered with another registrar / provider and you would like to transfer it into your Rediweb Hosting account so that you have everything in one place which makes administering your ‘Internet World’ so much easier.

There are a few steps to take and the process is different depending on which type of domain you have. With this simple guide, you will be able to make the necessary changes and transfer your domain with ease.

Transferring a domain (, and

Transferring your. uk domain (, and is an easy, three-step process:-

  • 1st. Change the IPS TAG of your domain to EXTEND. If you require any assistance with doing this, you’ll have to contact your existing domain registrar – most larger ISPs will allow you to do this via their control panels.
  • 2nd. Go to the ‘Order Domains‘ tool in your Rediweb Hosting Customer Area. Enter the domain name you wish to transfer in, select it in the domains available to transfer and start the transfer process by adding it to your basket. Don’t forget to checkout – without this, the transfer will not proceed.
  • 3rd. Log into your account to verify that your domain has transferred.

It can take 24 / 48 hours for the servers to update with these changes so you will need to be patient.

Transferring a .com domain (.net .org

Before you start the transfer you must ensure that the current administration contact email address used with your existing domain registrar is valid and that the person receiving email at that address knows that they must respond to emails about the transfer.

  • 1st. Log in to the Control Panel for your domain name and follow the steps to unlock it with the current registrar.
  • 2nd. Log into your Rediweb Hosting Customer Area and select Order Domains
  • 3rd. Enter the domain name that you want to transfer to your Rediweb  Hosting account and select search.
  • 4th. Below the list of available domains you should see domains available to transfer. If your domain has been successfully unlocked – It may take a few hours for the domain servers to update – there will be a box for you to select the domain and then add it to your basket.
  • 5th. The administration contact will receive an email from OpenSRS with instructions on how to confirm the transfer.
  • 6th. Once confirmed it will take only 24 HOURS to become active if you are transferring from 123-reg or UKREG. With other providers it may take up to seven days.
  • 7th. You may also receive another email from the current registrar, if you do you should read this very carefully as it may contain instructions for you.

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