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How To Change The Nameservers On A 1&1 Domain

Changing the nameservers on a Domain Name allows you to point a domain name to a different host, so if you have a domain registered with 1&1 you will need to change the nameservers to ns.mainnameserver and ns2.mainnameserver.com to link it to your web hosting with us. The process of changing the nameservers at 1&1 is different to most other hosts so we have written this guide to help you.

1) Firstly, Log in to the control panel at 1&1 using either your domain name or Customer ID along with your password. If you have just a single Package with 1&1 you should reach the Admin Area, if you have multiple packages you will need to select the package that contains the domain you wish to alter to reach the Admin Area.

2) Next stage is to select the ‘Domains’ link form within the domains and Webspace panel.

2) Put a tick in the box next to the domain that you wish to change the nameservers on. Then, click on the DNS button above the list of domain names and select ‘Show DNS Settings’

3) At the next window, find the ‘Name Server Settings’ and click the ‘Edit’

4) At the next stage, in the ‘Domain Data’ section, find ‘General Settings’ and make sure the the radio button next to ‘DNS’ is selected. If you have cname selected, you won’t be able to modify the nameservers.

5) In ‘Basic DNS Settings’ use the drop down menu next to Name server to select ‘My name server’.

6) You now have the option in ‘Advanced DNS Settings’ to enter your own nameservers.
The primary nameserver should be set to ns.mainnameserver.com
The secondary nameserver should be set to ns2.mainnameserver.com

7) When your done, click the OK button to save your changes. You should then see a confirmation page to show your settings have been successfully saved.

It can take several hours for the DNS to update on your domain name, so you may well need to use the special link URL we provided you with in your web hosting welcome email, to view your website until the domain details have completed their update. You can find out more about How Long For DNS Changes And Nameserver Updates here.

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