Create A Google Webmasters Account And Add Your Sitemap

So you have spent a lot of time designing and constructing your website, but can anyone find it?

The first thing any Webmaster must do – and that’s you by the way – is to create a Google Webmasters Account and upload a sitemap to let the search engine know about your website and all the pages inside.

This can seem to be quite a daunting prospect for some, so we have recorded this Screencast for you to show you how to go about it including:

  • How to create your first sitemap
  • Upload and add your first sitemap to your hosting plan
  • Add your sitemap to your Google Webmasters Account

Google offer lots of information about how to use all the features of your Google Webmaster Tools Account and the sooner you get started, the sooner your website will begin to appear in those all important Search Engine Results Pages aka SERP’s Don’t you love all those acronyms.

You can get started with Google Webmasters Tools here.

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