Common Problems When Publishing An iWeb Site

iWeb is a great platform for mac users to be creative and build wonderful websites that they can easily publish to the web and share with people around the world. There are some common problems that we have found along the way whilst speaking and assisting our customers that use iWeb.

In this Screencast we cover some of these problems so that you may well avoid them or resolve them yourself. iWeb can be a little buggy sometimes and providing you have saved all your hard work, quit the app and relaunch iWeb to see if that has fixed it for you. If you are experiencing a particular problem when publishing your iWeb Site to your Web Hosting account with us here at Rediweb Hosting, you can always get in touch with us by sending an email or raising a support ticket from within your customer centre. You can find all our web hosting support contact details here, or login to your account.

If you don’t yet have your web hosting with us, you can sign up for a Free Account today and explore what we have to offer. You will be able to access our full support database and other resources straight away.

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