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Change Nameservers For a Domain At 123 Reg

If you have your Domain Name registered at 123-reg at the moment and are not ready to move the Domain Name into your account with us here at Rediweb Hosting, you can still use the Domain Name with your new Web Hosting Account. All you need to do is change the nameservers.

All Domain Name registration companies have slightly different methods that enable you to change these nameservers, but rest assured, they all allow you to do it. Once the nameservers have been changed and the DNS records are updated (this is an automatic process that can take up to 24 hours – Why So Long? – you don’t need to do anything about it), your domain name will point to your Web Hosting with us, and display the web files you have uploaded to your account.

For this to work, you would have needed to order your Web Hosting for a Domain whose DNS records you are going to maintain elsewhere – I often refer to it as Ordering Web Hosting for use with an ‘external’ Domain Name and you can watch a Screencast we have made for you showing how to do that.

First of all you will need to Login To Your 123 Control Panel

123 Reg Control Panel Login

You will then need to navigate to the Domain Names section and in the list of your domains, select the Domain Name you wish to use with your new Web Hosting account. Once the domain you wish to use is showing, click on the Manage button.

Select Your 123 Reg Domain Name To Edit

If you are changing the name servers for a Top Level Domain like a .com or a .net domain, you will first of all need to Unlock the Domain. This can be done by clicking on the Manage Domain Locking option and then clicking on Unlock Domain. When your Domain has been unlocked, you will need to click on Back to Control Panel, to continue the process of changing the nameservers.

You should now see the option to Change Nameservers.

  • The first Nameserver should be set to
  • The second Nameserver should be set to

Add Your New Nameserver Settings

Once you have entered these new values click on Change Nameservers to apply these new name servers to your Domain Name.

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