HTML5 Video Publishing With Iweb

Add HTML5 Video To iWeb With Fallback For Flash

If you have been adding video to your iWeb Site pages, you may have fallen foul of the 'Big Blue Q Syndrome' - OK, I just made that up but it definitely feels like some sort of syndrome when all you see is the Quicktime Q instead of your Video. Here's a way to ensure your video plays nicely on all devices.

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Exhibeo App Guide

Adding Slideshows To Any Page Of An iWeb Site Is Easy

If like many others, you have been frustrated with the limitations iWeb offered you when wanting to add image slideshows to your pages, fret no more. Whilst it has been possible to create fancy slideshows with products like Adobe, they have all created slideshows as a movie file, which then took ages to load in your page and required Flash or Quicktime to display it.

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Adding Protected Areas To Iweb

Adding Password Protected Areas To Your iWeb Web Site

In this Screencast, we show you how to add password protection to specific areas of your iWeb site. This has been a popular request from photographers and other multi media website owners who want to be able to make proofs etc available to their clients without sharing that content with everyone that visits their webs

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Remove Iweb Folder Url

How To Remove iWeb Site Name From Public URL

How to remove the iWeb Site name from the url displayed in the browser bar is probably one of the most common questions we get asked by our iWeb users. It has no detrimental effect on your web site, other than making it longer and sometimes a little untidy. If you have given your iWeb Site a relevant name when creating your website, then you may not mind, or may even be happy to see it displayed.

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Iweb Hosting Alternative

iWeb Hosting MobileMe Alternative Web Hosting

Back in June 2011, rumours began that Apple was going to drop support for hosting of sites built with iWeb as it moves away from MobileMe to iCloud. A short while later, these rumours were confirmed, so we built an iWeb Friendly Web Hosting plan for iWeb users to make it very easy for you to move your iWeb site away from MobileMe.

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Problems Publishing With Iweb

Common Problems When Publishing An iWeb Site

iWeb is a great platform for mac users to be creative and build wonderful websites that they can easily publish to the web and share with people around the world. There are some common problems that we have found along the way whilst speaking and assisting our customers that use iWeb.

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Iweb Counter

Easy iWeb Counter Adds a Free Counter To Your iWeb Site

Since the passing of MobileMe, many iWeb users are having to move their iWeb Sites to New Web Hosting. This can be a bit of a challenge as there is a new learning curve involved in understanding what’s required to get your iWeb site online again. We are busy creating Screencasts and written Tutorials to help our iWeb users and so check out our other Guides.

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Publishing Your Iweb Site

Publishing Your iWeb Site To New Web Hosting

Publishing or uploading your iWeb Site to new web hosting outside of MobileMe can seem a little tricky. As MobileMe no longer exists, you need to have your own web hosting space to be able to publish your iWeb Site. We have created a hosting plans that are perfect to get your iWeb Site online with ease.

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