Setting Up Email On Iphone

How To Set Up Email On Your iPhone

In this guide, we are setting up your iPhone Emails using IMAP. IMAP is the preferred method for receiving email on multiple devices, perhaps your desktop computer, laptop and mobile phone, as all mail is kept 'in sync'. What that means is that if you read an email on your iPhone, it should automatically be marked as read on your desktop and other devices, providing they are set up as IMAP accounts too.

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Email Accounts

Creating An Email Address For Your Own Domain Name

In this screencast, we show you how to create email addresses that use your own domain name. This means that you can send and receive emails that look much more professional than if you have to resort to your hotmail or gmail account. When people receive emails from your 'business' email address, they will take you more seriously.

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Setting Up Outlook Express

Adding Your Email Account In Outlook Express

There are a few different versions of Outlook Express and whilst the version you are using may appear different to the images we have provided below, the settings and procedures are very similar. This tutorial will provide you with the information you need to configure the Email accounts you have created or been sent to use with your Rediweb Hosting Web Hosting Account.

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Apple Mail Email Accounts

How To Set Up Your Email Account In Apple Mail

All our Web Hosting Plans come with a fully featured Email Service. Depending on the web hosting plan you select, you will be able to add anything from 5 Individual Email Accounts all the way up to Unlimited Email accounts. In this video, we show you how to add your email accounts to Apple Mail.

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