How To Add A Tooltip In Your Freeway Website Pages

Tool tips have become very popular on blogs and many people have seen and experienced them without even understanding what they are. Quite simply that are like an interactive glossary that allow you to give more information about a word or an image. There are some other benefits to using Tool Tips as well.

  • Firstly, they make your pages more informative to the visitor. You are able to deliver more detailed information about an image or a specific word or phrase if the visitor mouses over them. This means you do not need to clutter your pages with unnecessary ’permanent’ lables – they just pop upI’m a little Pop Up Tool Tip when required.
  • Secondly, using the ‘Title’ attribute is a valid way of adding more information to your page specifically targeted at your search engine optimisation requirements. Remember that you need to keep your page honest and pure to avoid spamming, but this method will help with your on page optimisation if done correctly.
  • Finally, you can add a Tool Tip to a text link you have on a page. Ideally, your text links will be formatted to include text that describes the link but sometimes the text just doesn’t flow like that. Using the Tool Tip method, you can include text that describes the link and delivers a better experience to the page visitor so they fully understand where that link is taking them. It will also reinforce the links destination to the search engines.

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How long to wait for DNS Updates

How Long For DNS Changes And Nameserver Updates

When you make changes to the DNS settings of a Domain Name, like changing the nameservers of your domain to point to your new Web Hosting Plan, the changes are not immediate. I wish there was an express lane for DNS updates, but it does not exist. Whilst we can do nothing to speed the process up, it may help if you understand what’s happening.

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Hosting For External Domain

How To Order Web Hosting For Use With An External Domain

If you are moving your Web Hosting from a different service provider ( your current Web Host ), chances are you may have a Domain Name registered through them and associated with the Web Hosting you had with them. Perhaps you have been planning your website for quite some time and you previously registered your Domain Name/s with another registrar to keep them safe.

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Adding a Hit Counter to your website

Adding A Counter To Your iWeb Site Without MobileMe

One of the things that many iWeb users miss, is the counter feature which was a simple widget to include in your iWeb site pages directly within the iWeb app. As this is unsupported outside of MobileMe, we have to look at using a different method to get the hit counter working on our iWeb sites.

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Setting Up Outlook Express

Adding Your Email Account In Outlook Express

There are a few different versions of Outlook Express and whilst the version you are using may appear different to the images we have provided below, the settings and procedures are very similar. This tutorial will provide you with the information you need to configure the Email accounts you have created or been sent to use with your Rediweb Hosting Web Hosting Account.

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Apple Mail Email Accounts

How To Set Up Your Email Account In Apple Mail

All our Web Hosting Plans come with a fully featured Email Service. Depending on the web hosting plan you select, you will be able to add anything from 5 Individual Email Accounts all the way up to Unlimited Email accounts. In this video, we show you how to add your email accounts to Apple Mail.

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