Setting Up Email On Iphone

How To Set Up Email On Your iPhone

In this guide, we are setting up your iPhone Emails using IMAP. IMAP is the preferred method for receiving email on multiple devices, perhaps your desktop computer, laptop and mobile phone, as all mail is kept 'in sync'. What that means is that if you read an email on your iPhone, it should automatically be marked as read on your desktop and other devices, providing they are set up as IMAP accounts too.

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HTML5 Video Publishing With Iweb

Add HTML5 Video To iWeb With Fallback For Flash

If you have been adding video to your iWeb Site pages, you may have fallen foul of the 'Big Blue Q Syndrome' - OK, I just made that up but it definitely feels like some sort of syndrome when all you see is the Quicktime Q instead of your Video. Here's a way to ensure your video plays nicely on all devices.

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Google Webmasters Account

Create A Google Webmasters Account And Add Your Sitemap

So you have spent a lot of time designing and constructing your website, but can anyone find it? The first thing any Webmaster must do - and that's you by the way - is to create a Google Webmasters Account and upload a sitemap to let the search engine know about your website and all the pages inside.

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Publish Dreamweaver Website

How To Upload/Publish Your Dreamweaver Website To A New Web Hosting Plan

Publishing your Dreamweaver site is the exciting part, the 'gand finale' where all your hard work goes on show to the world, so lets make this bit as easy as possible for you. When you signed up for your new Web Hosting Plan - hopefully with us, but if not that's ok - you would have received an email with details that related to the hosting FTP settings.

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Publishing A Dreamweaver Website

Publishing Your Dreamweaver Website To A New Web Host

It can seem a bit daunting moving your Dreamweaver site from one Web Host to another, though in this Screencast, we take you step by step through the changes you need to make to get your site up and running again in no time. It's also perfect if you are publishing your Dreamweaver site for the first time.

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Exhibeo App Guide

Adding Slideshows To Any Page Of An iWeb Site Is Easy

If like many others, you have been frustrated with the limitations iWeb offered you when wanting to add image slideshows to your pages, fret no more. Whilst it has been possible to create fancy slideshows with products like Adobe, they have all created slideshows as a movie file, which then took ages to load in your page and required Flash or Quicktime to display it.

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1 and 1 Nameserver changes

How To Change The Nameservers On A 1&1 Domain

Changing the nameservers on a Domain Name allows you to point a domain name to a different host, so if you have a domain registered with 1&1 you will need to change the nameservers to link it to your web hosting with us. The process of changing the nameservers at 1&1 is different to most other hosts so we have written this guide to help you.

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