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Adding Slideshows To Any Page Of An iWeb Site Is Easy

If like many others, you have been frustrated with the limitations iWeb offered you when wanting to add image slideshows to your pages, fret no more. Whilst it has been possible to create fancy slideshows with products like Adobe, they have all created slideshows as a movie file, which then took ages to load in your page and required Flash or Quicktime to display it.

Once upon a time these were the only options available to you, but now we can use cool apps like Exhibeo to create slideshows and galleries that are produced using HTML5 and will show up on all modern browsers and mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad that will not show Flash content.

Exhibeo is available to download from www.exhibeoapp.com and whilst it is a paid for application, it is a bargain price for the features and simplicity it offers you. By the way, we have no affiliation with Exhibeo App, we just like it.

We have recorded a screencast to demonstrate how to use Exhibeo to produce Slideshows for your iWeb site, how to include the code into your iWeb page using the html snippet widget – i love that term and you can tell if you listen to the screencast here – and how to upload all the resources to your web hosting to make it all work. It may sound a little tricky to start with, but as long as you follow the clear instructions, you will have your fancy new slidshows in your iWeb pages in no time at all.

As a guide to what is required, or if you just want to follow the written instructions, read the guide below which coveres the step by step stages required to create and publish your iWeb Slideshow Galleries using HTML5.

iWeb Slideshow Guide Without Quicktime

This is the Step by step guide if you don’t want to watch the video;

  • Download and install the Exhibeo app here
  • Add your images and text (optional) to Exhibeo
  • Select your Theme and adjust the settings to suit
  • Export your Exhibeo Slideshow to HTML
  • Open the ExhibeoOutput.html file in the folder you exported it to.
  • Copy the code from the area marked as ‘body’
  • Open iWeb and create or select the page you wish to display your slideshow on.
  • Drag the HTML Snippet Widget where you want your Slideshow to be shown and resize it to match the size of your images.
  • Paste in the ‘body’ code you copied from the ExhibeoOutput.html file
  • Publish your iWeb site noting the page name
  • Using the filemanager in your web hosting or a third party FTP application, locate the _files folder that matches your page name
  • Upload into that folder the content of the folder you created with Exhibeo (the folder where you found the ExhibeoOutput.html file) Upload everything except the .html file
  • Find the widget*_markup.html file in the same location (where the * refers to a number) which contains the exhibid tag at the top of the page somewhere. If you only have one widget on the page there will only be one widget file here. You will need to open this file with an editor
  • Return to the open ExhibeoOutput.html file where you copied the ‘body’ code from and this time copy the ‘head’ code
  • Return back to the open widget*_markup.html file and paste in the ‘head’ code immediately after <head> and Save the file
  • Visit your iWeb site in a web browser and refresh the page if it is already loaded
  • Your page will now display the slideshow as you created it in Exhibeo

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