Adding Password Protected Areas To Your iWeb Web Site

In this Screencast, we show you how to add password protection to specific areas of your iWeb site. This has been a popular request from photographers and other multi media website owners who want to be able to make proofs etc available to their clients without sharing that content with everyone that visits their website.

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Welcome to another screencast from

In this screencast we are going to cover ADDING PASSWORD PROTECTION TO AREAS OF YOUR IWEB WEB SITE

This is a common request we get from photographers and other media type companies, that want to be able to display content for specific site visitors, requiring a password to gain access. You can of course use this method to secure any areas of your site.

If we take a quick look at our demo iWeb site, we can see that there is a gallery with some images that can be viewed by anyone. We want to require a password to view this content. So let’s get started.

We are going to start off by being logged in to the customer area at -> select manage web hosting -> and then select the domain to manage. This will launch the Web Hosting control Panel.

If we open the file manager, we can take a quick look at the file structure or our iWeb site files. iWeb publishes all its content into a folder that bears the Site name as it appears in iWeb. In this case you can see that the folder is called iwebhosting, which matches the name of the site. The pages of the site are all stored as files within this folder.

To add password protection, we need to place the files we want to protect into a separate folder, also referred to as a directory, and I will be using this term from now on. The way to do this is to create a separate mini site and publish this into the new directory. It may sound complicated, but it’s fairly straight forward.

Lets have a look at our current site in iWeb. It’s fairly basic, but we can see all our pages contained in our site, including the gallery page.

We need to add the new mini site, and then just drag the gallery we want to protect into the new site and delete any unwanted pages that were added for us.

Go to the Site Publishing Settings, select FTP server and then you can copy most of the FTP settings from your main web site. You will need to add your password again and this time, we are going to specify a new Directory / Path. It will begin public_html as before, but this time I’m going to add the name of the new directory we are going to publish this mini site into. The directory name will show in the URL of the pages to be displayed, so make it something meaningful. I’m going to use myclient in this example and change the site name to secure. You can use whatever you like, but this way it will make sense to you where each of these names will appear and how they are used.

The next step is to return to your iWeb hosting control panel, go back to the main area and scroll down to ‘Web Tools’

In here you will find the padlock icon for Password Protection. In the directory name field we can see that the forward slash already exists, so i’m just going to enter myclient as that’s what we are using in this example.
Add the user name and password you wish to use to secure this area, and click ‘add protection’ This will then create a new directory in your iWeb Hosting where you will be publishing you mini site to.

Lets go back to iWeb and set a link that our clients can use in the main site. You don’t need to do this as you could simply email them the link. This link will be an external link and it will be written as our domain name – forward slash – the directory name we created, which was myclient. We can now publish our sites and wait whilst the media is uploaded for us.

Now if we view our main web site, the gallery is not to be seen. If we navigate to the Client Area and click the link we added, it takes us to the new mini site, which requires the user name and password to proceed. When we enter the correct details, hey presto – we’re in.

You can add as many mini sites as you need for your secure areas, just make sure you follow this guide and use a different name for each directory you are going to publish your sites to – substituting the word myclient with your chosen directory name at each step of the process we just covered.

I hope this helps you to understand how to secure areas or your iWeb Web Site, and I look forward to seeing you in the next screencast.

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