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Web Hosting Guide – Our Screencasts

Learn to make the most of your Web Hosting by watching our Tutorial Videos and reading our written guides.

There’s so much that you can do with your web hosting and to help you understand just what’s possible, we’ve recorded a series of tutorial Screencasts to show you.

Some people are great at reading a written guide and understanding what they need to do, and others prefer to watch a video of someone showing them. Perhaps you’ve read a guide in the past and the terminology has differed from what you are used to and that alternate choice of word/s has stumped you. When you watch a Screencast, you also have a visual clue as to what you need to do, so if I say ‘directory’ you can see that i’m referring to a ‘folder’ – it’s the same thing with a different name, but can be confusing when you are trying to follow a written guide

Learn About Web Hosting With Our Video Tutorial Screencasts

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iWeb Tutorials Tips And Tricks To Help With Your Site

As mac users ourselves, we want to help our iWeb clients get the most out of their web hosting with us. Our iWeb screencasts aim to demonstrate how to achieve popular features and resolve some common iWeb problems.

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Getting Started With Web Hosting

The best way to get started with web hosting is to sign up for our Free Account. This will give you access to the Customer Area where you will be able to navigate things such as our comprehensive support database. If you then decide to use RediWebHosting for your own Web Hosting, it will be simple to add web hosting plans and domain names into your account. You can even transfer domain names you have elsewhere into your account, making it very simple to manage everything from just one place – and of course we recorded a Screencast to show you how to transfer a domain name.

You can transfer any .UK domains for free and whilst there is a fee of £5.00 levied by the Top Level Domain (TLD) Registrars for transferring .com’s etc, as a good will gesture for our customers, we will pay half that fee, so a transfer of a .com domain would be just £2.50.

Of course you don’t have to transfer your domains into your account with us to use them with your web hosting. You can simply ‘point’ your domain name to your web hosting by making a simple change to the DNS Settings – And yes, you guessed it, we recorded a Screencast to show you how to use a domain name you have registered elsewhere too.

Web Hosting Guide – Learn Even More

We have also written a series of web hosting guides to help with other things that you may need to know. Written Guides are quite handy for more specific things like how to change your nameservers with a specific host / registrar. We have also written some guides to help you optimise your pages for better results in the Search engines. You can find a list of all our Screencasts and Written guides in the menu to the right. Spend some time looking through our resources and if you would like to know more, you can always get in touch. We even offer telephone support during UK office hours, so if you need to hear the voice of a real person, give us a call. It is worth mentioning that web hosting support via email can be more effective to save you noting things down during a call.

You can find out more about the Web Hosting Plans we offer, and you can view a side by side comparison of web hosting plans here.